WJ Mudolo Church Development & Building (MCDB) Program

The MCDB Program aims to invoke sense of reliance on and self-sufficiency amongst the churches of Africa by providing them short-term grants to initiate small startup-scale ventures under the church administration itself against securing minor share of partnership in such projects. Projects that may be taken up under this program may include community schools, institutes, recreation centers, amenity facilities, commercial water projects, clinics, health centers, community and commercial TV and radio stations and hospitality or servicing initiatives. The motive of such collaboration is to set-up profit-making units for the churches to allow for self-dependence.

The Foundation also awards financial, logistic and technical support for construction of church buildings and Christian sanctuaries to allow congregations and gatherings for religious advancement within Africa. Other projects willingly sponsored under the program include distribution and dissemination of Christian manuscripts, Bible commentaries and teaching materials, creation and provision of free and customizable websites and smartphone applications for churches unable to afford such advanced options, with the sole purpose to evangelize groups of people towards Christ and his message and cement Christian values and beliefs among disciples.

The MCDB program also encompasses crowd-funding schemes for development of churches and construction of holy sanctuaries, whereby funds generated are directly transferred into the receiving churches' bank accounts, in order to ensure transparency and without any deductions of handling fees or transaction charges. Owing to global coverage and worldwide targeting for collection of contributions, online-campaigns are seen and chosen to be the most appropriate channel to benefit from a well-organized social network of peers connected globally. Upon applications made by churches, proper scrutiny shall be conducted whereby funds may be released after confirming response of availability of grants to the churches' individual applications. Funding may be denied for reasons pertaining to scarcity of funds or ineligibility of an application to the set criteria.

WJ Mudolo Residential Homes for Children (MRHC) Program

The MRHC Program is a quadripartite project designed to support neglected children and persons and provide them with shelter-cover for careful upbringing. The four-limbed program focuses on effectively representing neglected persons and children before the courts of law, supporting families neglected overtime, ensuring safety of and providing sense of protection to persons and children affected and helping concerned distressed persons in their battle to recover from mental agonies inflicted as a result of domestic violence, neglect and lack of proper care.

The program strives to strengthen the operations as well as sustainability of organizations, schools, churches and community centers in Africa providing decent support to the harmed persons exposed to family abuse or neglect, as well as child-headed families. The organizations aspiring to receive support under this program must be stirred with the calling to relieve the sufferings of the affected children, and attend to their needs with love, affection, compassion, care, warmth and support. Such organizations, being secondary homes to the affected children, are required to express affection and support for these children in order to allow them to face the realities of life.

WJ Mudolo Community Insurance (MCI) Program

The people participating in any of WJ Mudolo Foundation's programs can avail the subsidized MCI insurance program and benefit from it by paying 50% of the last expense insurance premium as a group. The remaining 50% for such groups will be met via subsidy by the Foundation, subject to groups' eligibility for insurance funding, principally to the conditions set by insurance partners supporting the Foundation's aims & activities.

WJ Mudolo Disaster Management (MDM) Program

Under this program, the Foundation is determined to provide financial assistance to the organizations working for management and rescue operations in the face of disaster and calamities, while preference is accorded to units working towards healing the communities hit with such hazards and catastrophes by putting them back on usual track and helping them become economically sustainable. Eligibility to receive funds under the MDM Program requires applicant organizations to resolve and plan towards restoring hope amongst people of the disaster-stricken communities and empower them to continue with their usual course of life once again, while inculcating a sense of economic ability, independence and self-sufficiency amongst them.

WJ Mudolo Cooperative Community Housing (MCCH) Program

The MCCH Program pertains to financially supporting inquisition and research work carried out by responsible institutions to assess the possibilities of providing cost-effective housing to the communities and ensuring the availability of abundant agricultural land for farming activities. The ultimate motive behind this program is to provide adequate supply of proper shelter through well-planned community housing schemes while enough space for farmland is freed, ensuring food-security for the community’s housed population.

The research programs are required to derive accurate and reliable results detailing the housing needs, feasibility of providing the same, along with giving statistics gauging the accessibility and affordability of such projects. Proper evaluation of such results require pooling and sharing the date obtained from them with organizations and local governments seeking to work in the same sector for the betterment of housing opportunities, as well as with communities on the receiving end. The program seeks to work into projects for community planning, research programs, affordable housing finance schemes, capital investments, technical assistance, and major infrastructure investments for local governments.

WJ Mudolo Legal Aid Assistance (MLAA) Program

Along the lines of working for communal well-being, the WJ Mudolo Foundation also seeks to ease the process of dispensation of justice for people belonging to the underprivileged, destitute and ostracized communities individually as well as collectively. The Foundation aims to work in coordination with selected law firms and non-governmental organizations offering legal counseling, assistance and representation to the marginalized segments of the society. The MLAA aims to promote people’s access to justice by ensuring:

  • Funds are endowed to organizations offering legal aid through transparent funding.
  • Strict supervision is exercised overseeing provision of effective legal aid services in accordance with the MLAA Program regulations.
  • Effective services are being rendered by the funded organizations through constant feedbacks from the recipients.
  • Funded organizations are supplied the necessary training and technical assistance to function efficiently.


WJ Mudolo Environmental Conservation & Protection of Eco-Systems (MECPES) Program

Afforestation & Forestry Conservation
Forests tend to support the natural environment by preventing soil erosion and thereby maintaining land fertility, providing oxygen for cleaner air, promoting healthy ecosystem as well as substantially reduce the risks of droughts, and flooding via mangrove forests. Tree plantations in urban and rural areas give off shade and cool breeze for people, home for birds and animals, and provide innumerable environmental as well as economic benefits for the people and natural atmosphere.

The MECPES program provides funds to organizations engrossed into environmental projects and initiatives striving to restore natural integrity and biosphere in areas previously victim to widespread deforestation and environmental deterioration through afforestation programs, which ultimately improves living conditions of the local population. Special emphasis is laid upon backing organizations engaged in activities of improving previously degraded patches of land, sustainable agro-forestry support, creation of greenbelts and man-made forests in barren lands, restoration of watersheds, spreading awareness regarding importance of forests and tree-plantation drives in schools and public places, while allowing individuals and other members of the society to join hands and collaborate towards expanded conservation projects.

The project also provides support for tree-plantation drives and activities for areas covering more than five (5) acres of land collectively, venues comprised of schools or local government regions.

Wildlife Conservation & Establishment of Reserves and Sanctuaries
The Foundation under its MECPEC program aims to provide major assistance in the form of substantial grants and funds to support research, awareness and conservation programs for the African wildlife; issues that are often taken as matters of global concern and called upon to enjoy paramount attention of African governments and organizations.

The finances extended to organizations working towards this theme are expected to be spent over protection of health and welfare of the African wildlife, effective resolution and ways to reduce human-animal confrontation, conservation of original wildlife habitats, protection of animals from poaching and illegal preying, spreading awareness regarding care for fauna, captive breeding of animals to promote safe wildlife populations and research.



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