WJ Mudolo Political Empowerment Program for Women & Youth (MPEPWY)

After all political advancements witnessed over the course of time, a substantial population comprising exclusively of African women and youth is still under-represented in the political, corporate and entrepreneurial realms in Africa. The Foundation via this program seeks to endow funds for identification and possible removal of the difficulties faced by women and youth, which act as obstructions hindering their rational representation.

Proper representation of women and youth, being the most disadvantaged and harmed sections of the African society, would mean that their insights regarding the prevalent problems faced by their likes may be effective in leading change across the board and revamp the African society for the greater good, one community at a time. These objectives may be met by releasing direct and indirect grants of insignificant amounts, coupled with an efficacious system of technical support, through which provision of opportunities and resources may be ensured to women and youth in order to enable them to pursue leadership as political representative of their communities before the national authorities.

WJ Mudolo Human Rights & Good Governance Policy (MHRGGP) Program

Under the MHRGGP program, the WJ Mudolo Foundation grants financial support to registered non-governmental organizations cum civil-societies working towards bringing in democratic principles, essentials for good governance and transparency of procedures within realms of public knowledge and implementation. The program also extends support to organizations striving to secure human rights, particularly minorities' rights, egalitarianism, and taking steps against discrimination, racism, xenophobia and gender-based violence. Projects engrossed with fulfilment of following objectives in Africa are covered support under the MHRGGP program:

  • Restoration of African pride and active citizenship
  • Increased say of NGOs in the local, regional and national policy and decision-making matters.
  • Protection of democratic values, and guaranteed provision of human rights
  • Human rights watch, monitoring and documentation
  • Education and awareness campaigns on human rights
  • Public interest litigation
  • Protection of persons advocating human rights
  • Provision of facilities for advocacy and timely-response activities
  • Empowerment of disadvantaged groups, strengthening of NGO activities and resources, and improvement of the role of civil societies.

WJ Mudolo Next Business Leaders (MNBL) Program

Transforming and making Africa step into the new age stands as the need of the time, which may only be met by the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, thinkers and speakers. The MNBL program is a selective enrichment program whereby certain participants carefully selected from across Africa are sent for training and parallel operations with various international organizations for a periods varying between 3 and 9 months.

The aim is to make such individuals acquire refined skills and learn procedural patterns in a number of working environments and settings while focused on different sorts of projects; the acumen and expertise which may then be implemented for execution of projects within Africa. The MNBL program may only be opted by employed persons having a minimum experience of three (3) years of work within Africa, and requires at least a diploma grade or above. Preference may be afforded to persons having diploma courses in STEM subjects.


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